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pps June 27, 2013 13:00

Icem --> cfx
Hey Guys!!

I have got one mesh for my spiral and one mesh of a ring of blades (concentrical), both made in ICEM. Because the meshes are concentric, there is a ring-surface between the meshes. In ICEM there is no radial overlapping at the connecting surface (I carefully checked!).
I exported my two meshes from ICEM to CFX (Workbench 14.5) and surprisingly the meshes overlap in CFX-Pre. I somewhere read, that overlapping of one cell might not be a problem, but anyway, why is there an overlapping in CFX-Pre??

Connecting the meshes in ICEM is not possible because they are much too different.
Could there be some exportproblems?

Thank you!

ghorrocks June 27, 2013 18:49

I do not know what is happening here, but make sure you are using double precision CFX5 output file in ICEM. And if that does not work you can just translate the mesh to where it meant to be in CFX-Pre.

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