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Badi July 17, 2013 09:23

CFD Post Expression over time chart (without monitor point)
Hello is there a way you can define a new expression (mine is: volumeInt(vapour.Volume Fraction)@Default Domain) and create a chart where you take the time on the x-axis and the new expression on the y-axis?

I know I should have had created a monitor object of this expression but I didnt knew that I need it.

Thanks in advance.

Badi July 17, 2013 17:22

well I found it out. Just for everyone whoever finds it.

1. Make the Expression you want. (e.g. volumeInt(vapour.Volume Fraction)@Default Domain)

2. Make a chart and tick the transient box => location: Expression

3. Take the x-axis time and y-axis with the variable from your expression

4. click apply and see your expression over time chart

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