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Cosme July 17, 2013 14:16

Internal Energy of the Fluid (Heat Transfer)
Hello everyone

I'm doing a combustion simulation in CFX and would like to know:

The variable "Heat Flux" considers the values ​​of internal energy of the fluid?

I have calculated the resulting heat of combustion reactions, and would like to see if I can make a balance with the heat at the output (all walls are adiabatic).


ghorrocks July 17, 2013 18:41

The heat flux/Wall heat flux variable only exists at the walls. It has nothing to do with the internal energy of the fluid, it is just the heat flux through the wall.

See the documentation for more details: Reference guide/Variables in ANSYS CFX/List of Field Variables

Cosme July 18, 2013 09:13

Ok Glenn.

That means that the variable can not be used to measure the heat output of a fluid?


ghorrocks July 18, 2013 18:58

What do you mean by heat output of a fluid? Are you sure you are not getting confused with the fluid enthalpy, temperature and internal energy?

As I said, the heat flux/wall heat flux variable is the heat flux through the wall. This is pretty obvious given the variable name.

Cosme July 19, 2013 09:04

Sorry, I thought the name of the variable "Heat Flux" also applied to off the wall.

Thanks Glenn!

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