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selvam2487 July 23, 2013 13:20

T junction pipe flows
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Hello Friends,

I am doing LES of thermal mixing in T junction. I have attached the geometry of the mixing tee used in my lab experiment along with this post. I am trying to numerically validate my experimental results.

1. Instead of using the current experimental geometry which I have attached along with this post, is it ok to use just a completely cylindrical pipe geometry without the complications of my current geometry? Will it alter the flow physics?

2. As far as I have checked, the outer structure of the mixing tee does not affect the internal fluid flow. That is why I am thinking of using just a simple cylindrical geometry which will considerably reduce mesh complications.

3. Also, I am mainly interested in thermal fluctuations in near wall region inside the pipe where the thermocouples are installed and not on the outer pipe structure.

Please let me know if my idea/approach to numerical simulations is correct.
Thank you.


ghorrocks July 23, 2013 16:55

1. Is it OK? That depends on what you are trying to achieve. If close enough is good enough then it is fine. If you are looking for precise answers then no. Yes, it will alter the flow physics but whether it will do so enough to be significant depends on what you trying to get out of this model.

2. Is the outer structure the pipe? Which you intend to do a CHT simulation with? In this case I think it unlikely this is required for a LES simulation and yes, I would consider removing it.

3. The thermal time scales in the solid region are likely to be far longer than the time scales of the thermal fluctuations in the fluid. So if you are interested in the short time scales then the fluid has all the information you need.

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