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Badi July 25, 2013 05:10

Restarting a run from .trn files What variables do I need?)
I have a little problem regarding a pretty big simulation. It crashed after 930 Timesteps. Unfortunatly it didnt create a backup file. What variables do I need to restart the run from the current timestep?
In Output Controle I selected a bunch of variables and I included the mesh what I thought is enough.
I can load the .trn files into CFD Post and everything looks quite good.

Can I simply take the last .trn file as solver input file? Do I have to make the same .trn file as initial value specification?

edit: the filename is just xxx.trn not xxx_full.trn
=> Is there a way to get full trn files with just selcted variables or should I go for "standart" output with additional variables selected?

ghorrocks July 25, 2013 08:01

You need a trn file with the mesh to restart. You cannot restart from a trn file without mesh. Alternately you can restart from a backup file or a normal res file.

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