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Wheeler August 6, 2013 09:26

Additional Variables Defined By User FORTRAN CEL
Hi, all

Can additional variables be defined by using user fortran CEL, or only defined by CFX own CELs?
The problem is, I defined an additional variable by using a fortran subroutine expression, but I can't plot this variable in CFD-Post and its value equals zero all over the field. On the other hand, when I use CFX own CELs to define an additional variable for a trial, it can be ploted in CFD-Post.
That puzzles me!:confused:

ghorrocks August 6, 2013 19:16

AVs need to be defined in CCL, but a user fortran routine can be used to put the value into a CEL expression which can be then used to set the AV.

Wheeler August 6, 2013 21:33

The problem has been solved!:)
The return value expression in my Fortran source file has been changed from
RET(1,1) = ...
into a DO-ENDDO loop
RET(ILOC,1) = ...

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