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Allan O August 6, 2013 23:21

ANSYS capabilities for large particles transport
Hello everybody,

My name is Allan and I am a French engineer working for the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

One objective of my work is modeling the clogging of a long thin pipe (300mm * 4mm diameter) by a viscous fluid conveying large solid particles (compared to the pipe diameter : from 0.5mm to 3mm). So far, spherical particles with varying diameters is an acceptable assumption.

According to CFX documentation, particle transport is inadequate since the particles volume fraction is not neglictible. This means I should use Multiphase modeling, which is quite unhandy to visualize the particles, and I am not too familiar with.

The question I would like to ask you here, is : do you think ANSYS CFX is the right "plateform" to run these kind of simulations ? Or should I think about using another software (or even programming my own code) ?

If ANSYS CFX is the right software, I also would have some practical and probably easy questions like : how would ANSYS react if the drain clogged (that is to say no more flow through the outlet), and how to make the clogging possible considering the boundary conditions (inlet bulk mass flow rate, outlet average static pressure, no slip wall) ?

By the way, I'm happy with joining the cfd-online community, and would like to thank you for your help !

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