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JAlbert August 7, 2013 16:49

Aerodynamic derivatives
Dear all CFD experts;

I am going to calculate aerodynamic dynamic coefficients and derivatives over a body-wing geometry. I know that I must oscillate my geometry in some angular displacements, but:

1- Which of pitch,plunge,roll or yaw motions must be considered and studied? I mean in dynamic coefficients and derivatives, which of them are necessary to investigate?

2-What is the rule to choose magnitude and frequency of,for example, sinusoidal excitation?

3-Any reference about this subject?

4-After calculating Lift,Drag and Moment coefficients versus time (or AoA and Side slip angle), what are the methods to calculate aerodynamic derivatives?

Any guide is appreciated.

ghorrocks August 7, 2013 18:24

These are not CFX questions. You are going to have to look at the textbooks, journal articles and literature to answer those questions and once you know the motions which need to be simulated then it should be easy to implement it in CFX.

But in the meantime doing some test simulations so you can get accurate settings for convergence, time step size and mesh density would be useful.

pavilion April 26, 2014 06:51

Dear JAlbert
i am interested to know answers about your subject because i have the same problems ... plz answer me

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