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selvam2487 August 8, 2013 12:18

Mesh angle and aspect ratio
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Hello Friends,

I am doing LES of fluid mixing in T junction using CFX. In ICEM CFD, my mesh angle and aspect ratio are 30.5 and 56.7 respectively. When I started my simulations, I noticed in the out file that the mesh angle being displayed was completely different from what I noticed in ICEM. Could anyone explain what I should do to get a better mesh characteristics during the run of CFX solver? I assume that the mesh statistics (like angle and aspect ratio) displayed in CFX is what counts. In the attached picture, the mesh statistics during the solver run shows a low angle of around 17 for the solid domain (inspite of it being 30.5 in ICEM). During the steady state simulations, I got unphysical behavior (like very high temperatures) in solid domain. What should I do to rectify this problem?Thank you for your help.

Karthick Selvam

ghorrocks August 8, 2013 19:06

If you are asking how to visualise the mesh so you can find the regions of poor mesh quality - This can be done in either ICEM or CFD-Post. In CFD-Post use the mesh calculator to generate mesh quality variables, then you can view them like any other variable to find regions of poor mesh.

If you are asking how to make ICEM generate a better quality mesh, I have two suggestions:
1) Lots of practise, ICEM is a complex tool and it takes a while to be able to use it fully.
2) Try the geometry and meshing forum.

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