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Torque_Converter August 28, 2013 08:31

Wall Heat Transfer Coefficient with 2 Fluid Species
Hi All,

I am running a multispecies flow (oil and air), and both are running through grooves in a clutch pack. I would like to get an overall convection coefficient, but CFX calculates it for each species separately.

I can think of several ways to combine the two based on my knowledge of heat transfer, such as volume fraction weighted averages, or mass flow weighted averages, or a few others.

But I wanted to see if anyone has experience with this particular problem and what they suggest to get an accurate overall heat transfer coefficient due to the flow of both the oil and air through this device.


ghorrocks August 28, 2013 18:17

Assuming you are using the same reference temperature for both phases then the volume fraction weighted average seems to be the correct approach.

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