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amortezaei September 6, 2013 12:29

cfx boundary condition
Dear all
I m beginner in ANSYS CFX. I have a research to find drag on sphere, the body of sphere is moving and rotating in water.But I still found any daifficulties to aplying a rotation and linear velocity 0n sphere area simultaneously in boundary condition. I need your help . please help me
many thanks

ghorrocks September 8, 2013 06:24

If the sphere is spinning about its axis and travelling through the fluid (and the magnus effect should pull the sphere off to the side) then this is straight forward to set up.

Set up a standard flow across a body simulation (probably a velocity inlet and a pressure=0 outlet). Impose the rotating by putting a tangential velocity on the sphere wall. This is easy to do with CEL.

There is no need for rotating frames of reference or rigid bodies for this simulation - this error is commonly made by beginners.

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