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Saleh1970 September 9, 2013 01:31

Heat pipe
Hi all,
recently, I got project to do simulation for it this project was using heat pipe as heat transfer tecniqe to enhace heat transfer between the heat transfer fluid and phase change materials.
my question is how 2 set the heat pipe with CFX

ghorrocks September 9, 2013 02:03

Heat pipes are difficult to simulate due to the multiphase flow and condensation and vapourisation. This is not a flow for beginners and you are not going to find a tutorial on setting them up.

Saleh1970 September 9, 2013 02:23

Heat Pipe
I englect the advective effect of liquid return from the condenser to the evaporator. In addition, the resistances due to evaporation and condensation inside the heat pipes are assumed to be negligible

Saleh1970 September 9, 2013 02:36

Heat Pipe
Dear, All
Please if any body have any knowledge please help
with kind regards

ghorrocks September 9, 2013 02:55

Can you post an image of what you are proposing to model, and the important physics.

Saleh1970 September 9, 2013 04:37

Heat Pipe
1 Attachment(s)
Thanks ghorrocks for your reply

I attached my geometry with this message. I'm using Therminol VP-1 as heat transfer fluid, Potassium nitrate as phase change material, steel for tube and heat pipe. The dimensions for heat pipes (Condenser length 0.140m, Evapporator length 0.100m, and Adiabatic length 0.060m). The tube dimensions (Tube outer radius 0.250m, Tube wall thickness 0.003m). The module length 0.120m. I'm following published paper for all these information

ghorrocks September 9, 2013 06:42

I have no idea what that image shows. Can you please explain what it is showing.

What are you trying learn with this simulation?

Saleh1970 September 9, 2013 07:59

Heat Pipe
Dear, ghorrocks
If possible please post your e-mail and I will send to you a paper I'm following and we will make deeply discussion about my case.

ghorrocks September 9, 2013 08:31

I do not give my email on the forum. And don't PM me either, I do not answer CFD questions by PM.

Post it on the forum.

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