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Argentum September 24, 2013 12:57

Propeller calculation setting in CFX
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I just a newbie on CFD i have no any knowledge about this before.
But i have to Calculate propeller Thrust and toque at propeller axis when operate at any RPM and any velocity in rotation axis direction with any designed shape.
Someone advice me to use CFX for this but i don't know any CFD program before.
And now i try to use solidwork generate propeller shape and use this shape as solid domain and rotate in stationary fluid domain. but the reslut does not make sense. it does not like any picture that i found on Google.

picture below is simple model that i try to setting .
To give propeller thrust and torque at any operating condition,
How should i set up CFX?
Thank you for every help

ghorrocks September 24, 2013 18:23

The streamlines you show do not look right for a propeller simulation. Better check your boundary conditions and convergence.

Doing the matrix of speeds and rotational velocities is easy with workbench parameters.

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