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0906536m September 25, 2013 07:16

How to access user defined materials when creating solid domain?
I don't understand why, but when I try to create a solid domain I can not find the solid material I defined myself, however on creating a fluid domain the user defined material section appears. Can anybody tell me why this happens and how I can resolve it?

ghorrocks September 25, 2013 08:15

If it does not want to show you the edit materials GUI, then define the solid using any old material and use the CCL editor to change it to the values you want.

0906536m September 26, 2013 08:49

Hello, thank-you for your reply. The problem is I am trying to create sodium chloride, and have to manually create sodium and chlorine then use these user defined materials to make a fixed composition solid. I have tried just changing current materials, but because I have to change it from a pure substance and then access the user defined materials it still doesn't show when trying to assign it to a domain. Is there anything else I can try?

ghorrocks September 26, 2013 19:41

The material properties you need depend on what you are going to do with the material. What are you modelling with this material?

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