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Sbr_CFD September 28, 2013 06:54

Rotating Reference Frame in CFX

I'm new to CFX software. I've solved many problems in Fluent, but I have a question about the Moving Reference Frame in CFX.
I want to calculate the aerodynamics loads on an airplane with spin. this can be done in Fluent by the Moving Reference Frame option.
How can we do the same task in CFX without defining two fluid zones (inner and outer)? In my opinion, we should define two fluid zones and define a rotation speed for inner zone (in CFX).
Thanks in advance.

ghorrocks September 30, 2013 18:32

If you are modelling a spinning aircraft in a far field - so there is no objects in the stationary field - then you can model this with just a single rotating frame of reference. No need for a stationary frame of reference.

Sbr_CFD October 1, 2013 05:36

Thank you very much for your reply.

Is the following settings true for the purpose of rotating frame of reference?

- Domain motion: rotating (with angular velocity: 5 rad s^-1)
- Inlet / Outlet frame type: Rotating

I can't obtain a converged solution with the mentioned settings.

Thanks in advance...

ghorrocks October 1, 2013 20:46

You might need to set the boundaries as counter-rotating so they are as expected in the stationary frame of reference.

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