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sina ghafoor September 29, 2013 22:21

solving time duration
Hi friends.

I'm working on blood flow simulation with FSI condition. Actually right now i have doubt about my result because my solving time duration is to short, for example about 20 minutes. Many times ago i had such this simulation and its solving time duration was approximately 3 hours with i7 CPU.

I should say right now i'm working with Ansys12 and i'm using CFX mesh but before i used Ansys13 and Ansys meshing.

please tell me what's wrong with this.

Lance September 30, 2013 02:50

well, why dont you look at the results/output files to see that you are getting all the results you want? 20 minutes for a FSI sounds like a short time, maybe you are only solving the fluid part?

sina ghafoor October 2, 2013 16:38

Actually i took results for fluid and solid . for example i found out Von Misses stress for solid part and also different contour for pressure and velocity and it was acceptable bud for example i can not catch good streamline for velocity.

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