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amin_gls October 1, 2013 06:00

multiple inlet as one inlet
hello to all , i have a question about multiple inlet as one inlet , i have for example 80 pipes as inlet that all of them should have 0.5 cm/s as inlet velocity , i selected them as inlet in cfx meshing , when i set inlet velocity to 0.5cm/s . i dont get this velocity in cfd result , anybody can tel me what shall we do to get 0.5cm/s in each inlet . thanks , :cool:

ghorrocks October 1, 2013 20:47

Please post an image of what you are seeing.

hungryfish October 2, 2013 08:59

Suppose you have a main direction for downstream flow of a pipe system. Then additional (multiple) inlets discharge in a junction section under an angle of inclination into. This angle affects the flow regime depending of mass flow rate coming from side inlets. A T- junction geometry may results in a nearly counter flow while a conform flow is induced by a Y-geometry for example.


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