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dren October 21, 2013 20:29

Meshing Problem!
Hi All,

I am trying to mesh a complex geometry (in CFX) and I have been getting all kinds of errors. I have tried to eliminate one by one and now im stuck with the mesher saying, "Software execution error occured in the mesher. The process suffered an unhandled exception or ran out of usuable memory".

I have no clue what to do, I'm stuck with this for the past week.

Could anyone shed some light on any rule of thumb to follow for meshing a complex part. I am quite new to meshing and dont know many "tricks". I usually try changing the mesh size and make in fine to mesh.


Torque_Converter October 22, 2013 14:10

Probably worth going through the mesh tutorials on CFX since there is alot more to meshing than making it finer and the tutorials are pretty good. Otherwise someone could write you a near endless set of "tricks and tips" for meshing that are already out there. With that error the only thing I can think of to help would be to delete that workbench file, restart the computer, and start with a fresh slate for the tutorials.

Meshing complex geometry isn't that "complex" with the available controls in ansys. Patch Conforming Tets (generally the automatic default mesh method) can cover even the most complex geometries. Inflation layers are important once you know the turbulence model you want. Sometimes it can be useful to split up the geometry and create a multibody part. Or just splitting the geometry into separate bodies is necesary. But again, with the way tets and prisms (inflation layer cells) are these days basically anything can be meshed as long as the geometry is correct and error free.

dren October 23, 2013 15:35


Thank you for the reply.

I did go over the mesh tutorials before I started with this. Yes, the auto mesh seems to work in most cases except for my current geometry. I have very small components and many of them. I think this is the problem I am having.

You have any clue how to solve this issue?


Torque_Converter October 23, 2013 16:21

I have worked on somethings I think are similar to what you are describing, and successfully meshed them, but it was tedious. I'm not sure how to describe the techniques other than the use of multibody parts and very selective inflation, face, body, and method meshing. Can you post an image? I may be able to guide you roughly to where it would make the most sense to place these selective mesh controls.

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