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aliemadi October 22, 2013 03:28

Sound propagation analysis
I have a cabin with a internal combustion engine in it. I consider IC engine as a source of sound with known characteristics. I want to simulate sound propagation inside cabin and minimize sound pressure level (SPL) in a certain position using different sound insulator (or absorber) on cabin walls.

Is it possible to do it by CFX or fluent? which one has more capability in this field?
I studied fluent and CFX documentation but I didnt find the answer of my question.

Thanks to all

ghorrocks October 22, 2013 05:09

Using a CFD code to do acoustics simulation is like buying a Ferrari to pick up the shopping. So both Fluent and CFX can do this sort of simulation, but unlike a Ferrari a CFD code will take forever on this simulation.

I recommend you investigate specialised acoustics modelling software like SYSNOISE. There are plenty of others as well. They are what you need for this type of simulation.

aliemadi October 22, 2013 06:17

thank you Glenn for your reply

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