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Mobz October 22, 2013 08:40

Mesh morphing optimization in CFX?
I just fundt this PDF which describes pretty much what Im looking for.

I have a pipe and I want the velocity profile at the outlet to be even by changing the shape of the pipe.

Anyone know if this mesh morphing optimization can be done in CFX?

Lance October 22, 2013 09:19

I've seen some examples of this shape optimizing stuff, but only in Fluent. In Fluent you also have the adjoint solver, which seems pretty cool. But CFX? Nope, havent seen anything like that. You could of course do a parametric study in workbench, but thats not really the same thing.

S_teph_2000 January 19, 2014 21:27

Mimic Fluent mesh optimization with CFX ?

Is there a way to mimic Fluent Adjoint solver with CFX mesh deformation, CEL, and a Pressure Gradient approach:confused:

ghorrocks January 19, 2014 23:47

I will be brave by stating that if there was an easy way to give CFX the same functionality it would already be implemented. The fact it is not available suggests to me that it is not easy, or at least not robust.

brunoc January 20, 2014 14:15

No, there isn't. The adjoint solver uses a modified set of equations whose primary variables are no longer the velocity vector and pressure as given by NS and continuity, so implementing those from CEL Expressions and user variables is not possible.

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