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cscfx November 20, 2013 23:23

phase change problem
I want to simulate a subcooled boiling problem. the physical condition as follows:
circular tube : length 2m,diameter:0.0154m,pressure:4.5MPa,uniform wall heat flux :570000. inlet velocity :1m/s. After set up all the parameters ,there some mistakes: "While evaluating Fluid 1.Local Speed of Sound, |
Absolute Pressure went outside of its upper limit. Its maximum value was 4.5134E+06. The bounds error was handled by clipping. |
If this situation persists, consider increasing the table range"
WHO knows how to deal with this problem? thank you a lot!!!

ghorrocks November 21, 2013 05:09

Firstly, check what is the correct pressure range for this simulation. What is the maximum pressure anywhere? Then set the upper pressure limit for the speed of sound in the material property to this value * 150% to give you some clearance.

If you still get it then your simulation is not numerically stable. This is similar to the overflow error issue and there is an FAQ on that:

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