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amalthevj November 28, 2013 01:38

Nozzle underexpansion overexpansion simulation in CFX
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I tried to simulate a bell nozzle's under expansion and over expansion phenomena using CFX.
My boundary conditions are;

At inlet: Total Pressure=40 atm
Total Temperature=1500 K

Turbulence model used :Shear Stress transport.

Flow analysis: Steady state.

Atmospheric domain is provided with opening boundary condition of 101325Pa

My sole aim is to capture the plume effects,so i created a domain interface between nozzle and atmosphere domains.I am not getting the expected results,Can somebody help me ......I doubt of the fluid model which i used,which is Air ideal gas,I know the drawbacks of using it,..Please suggest me a fluid which can be used besides it.It would also be helpful if somebody could suggest me a corrective step.

I also like to simulate in different pressure ratios .Please suggest me the steps to be followed because i am in the middle of nowhere:confused:

My expected pattern is attached with the thread

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