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Luk_Fiz December 1, 2013 13:21

Mesh from finished FSI to CFX Pre?
Hi all,
I have question addressed rather to simulation methodology but maybe there is some simple technical trick I am not aware of.
The problem is like this:
- I perform 2 way FSI in which fluid flow deforms domain. Couple of troubles but ok in general,
- after finishing first stage I want to "save" deformed mesh and use it as an input to new calculation NON FSI (simple CFD in CFX). I want to do this to study some effects that has little influence on deformation (so solid solver is not necessary, and it would be much faster not to use them).

Here is the question: is it possible to "export" deformed mesh (from Post?) and use it to simple "static" calculation in Pre?


Lance December 2, 2013 03:16

No need for Post. In Pre: Import mesh/"Files of type: CFX-Solver Input" and chose your FSI results file.

Luk_Fiz December 2, 2013 03:54

Lance, thanks for quick answer. You save tons of time for me:)
(I just KNEW that there must be such option but stuck in "Exporting Mesh Deformation" blablabla. Why most obvious things are most difficult to find?)

Thanks again,

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