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Boots Electric December 2, 2013 10:02

Variable Inlet
Hello fellas,

I need to ask you something that i think it wouldn't be such trouble to answer.

I have to simulate 5 cases of a flux through some hole plates, with diferent velocities. Indeed, its with the same geometry and mesh. So i was lurking into some CEL or CCL tools, but i understand only for Output results.

Is there a way that i can set the inlet velocity as a variable (0,5 m/s;1.0 m/s and so on) so i can run one time the simulation instead of five?

Thank you for your time, cheers to all.

ghorrocks December 2, 2013 17:16

You can easily set this up as a parametric simulation with the inlet velocity as as a parameter. Alternately you can use the CCL and a batch file to script it together.

But if you are asking whether you can run the 0.5m/s case and automatically double the velocities to get the 1.0m/s case then the answer is no. This assumes fluid flow is linear - and that is not the case.

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