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mouli1991 December 6, 2013 15:04

flapping wing help doing a case study of flapping wing..first i took plate did hexa mesh in ICEM in cfx i gave expression like
dont mistKe me..i took this exp from a project..not working

help me to give clear idea about flap exp and how to apply on cfx..
thank you

Lance December 9, 2013 04:24

What error message did you get? We cant help you otherwise...

I doubt CFX likes your degree sign ()

mouli1991 December 9, 2013 04:36

think so
actually error is negative volume element...due to mesh deformation..
when i increase the degree more than 10 error comes...also i neef one more help..i need exp for fixing plate on one side and moving on othrr cantilever...i tried many exp not wotking..both mesh deformation and cantilever...

Lance December 9, 2013 04:58

Did you read this link:

Originally Posted by ghorrocks (Post 221975)
To ensure the information on this forum is of high quality please consider the following before placing a post on this forum:

Have you read the documentation? The CFX documentation is quite thorough and detailed for most issues. It can be a little hard to find what you are looking for but most basic questions are covered in the documentation.

Have you done the tutorial problems? CFX comes with a range of tutorial simulations to show how various types of simulations are done. If you are doing a new simulation this is the first place to look for ideas of how the simulation is done.

Include enough detail in your question. Put pictures in your post to describe what you mean, include the CCL file and/or the output file and fully describe what you are trying to do. If we don't know what you want to do it will be hard for us to help.

Remember, nobody is paid to answer questions on this forum. People answer questions because they like to help people so help yourself by posting a well written, thought out and interesting question. You will get a much better response that way!

\end rant

* Negative elements are fixed by either remeshing or better mesh quality where it folds. Different mesh diffusion can also help
* Prescribed mesh motion can depend on coordinates, and should be straight-forward to implement when you know the equation of motion.

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