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saha2122 December 8, 2013 08:51

Automatic solution for mesh Study!
:)Hi every body

I modeled a case in Ansys CFX. I want to study the grid independency automatically.

is it possible to use something like as multi configuration method for that?
I mean in every configuraion just the mesh being replaced.

I looking forward for your answers.

All the best

ghorrocks December 8, 2013 17:03

I am no expert on the workbench side of things, but I suspect you could do this using multi configurations. You can also probably do it parametrically, if your mesh refinement is suitable to be expressed parametrically.

shreyasr December 9, 2013 02:34

Yes - it does seem possible via Workbench. ICEM is included in Workbench from v14.5, I think. Atleast I can see the mesh can be parametrised, like the Global Element scale factor and seed size. If your mesh can be parametrised,this is probably a good option because you don't manually re-mesh.

Again - it does seem possible via configurations as well. You have to save your default simulation as configuration1. Then insert a new configuration, whose activation condition is the end of configuration1. Here, if you have the mesh ready - you can specify the mesh file in the remesh tab. Not sure if the meshing can be automated here, but there are options for External commands.

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