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siw January 3, 2014 04:53

[CFD-Post] Expression with element length

I've conducted a RANS(SST) simulation to initialize a DES. However, before I start the DES I need to do some analysis on the RANS simulation in CFD-Post, e.g. to see if the mesh is suitable for DES. I have made a variable for the integral length scale using sqrt(TKE) / (Beta*Omega), where Beta is the constant 0.09. But to determine if and where the mesh needs refinement for DES I think it would be better to plot a contour of the ratio of the integral length scale to the local element length (the element sizes change throughout the mesh). But I cannot seen how to get the element lengths for use in variables and expressions. Can anyone help out with this.


ghorrocks January 3, 2014 06:12

The usual way to calculate a representative edge length is to take the cube root of the element volume. The element volume is available in the post processor, but I am not sure if it is in the results file by default. If it is not there then simple add it in the results file settings.

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