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Milan2013 April 18, 2014 03:47

Exporting data of transient simulation DURING a simulation, at user locations ?
Hi, all
I am running a transient rotor CFX computation of fan flow, so a transient simulation. As far as I managed to get it, in CFX, I can only export my data during a simulation in the geometrical locations recognized by CFX in my case, like interface area, inlet, outlet, or similar, defined during case set-uo & meshing. Say I wish to define my own surface or polyline, and export some data along that user defined loaction, during a simulation, or after. Seems like in CFX, you can only save your .trn data for each time step (select export..."every timestep"), and then process over all .trn data using a macro? That is what I did. BUT, in a large mesh, the .trn file is huge, and I don't need all information in every CV of the domain. So in this case it becomes a huge problem with disk space and processing as macro has to loop over full size .trn files.

In FLUENT, I was able to define a user location in FLUENT. Say a plane or similar, then set up a export during simulation in a .txt file of data I need along that geometrical location. Seems like it can not be done in CFX?

Would be handy if CFX could recognize a geometrical location the user generated in the CFD Post (after 1 iteration or 1 timestep) and allow the user to export some specified data only, at that location, by recognizing it under "export data menu" in CFX, instead of saving full .trn files.

Any help is appreciated

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