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Drona Upadhyay December 9, 1999 10:01

Tascflows for small hydraulic turbines
Dear friends,

have any one of you used CFX-Tascflows for modelling small scale hydraulic turbines, specially the axial flow propeller turbines? I have access to FIDAP and thinking whether it's suitable for this purpose. I would like to hear from people who have used it or know someone who has used it.


Looking forward to hearing from someone

John C. Chien December 11, 1999 01:01

Re: Tascflows for small hydraulic turbines
(1). I have not used FIDAP code, but I have seen its demo many years ago. It was based on the finite element approach. (2). TASCFLOW has been around for a while also, and like FIDAP code it also has changed its ownership. My feeling is that TASCFLOW is more oriented toward the turbomachinery applications. (3). If you can live without using a commercial code, then try to avoid using any commercial code. It is just my personal opinion. (4). But if you are given resources and paid to use a commercial code, then ,I would say that it is a good idea to get more information about the TASCFLOW code. It looks like that the company is promoting it in the turbomachinery applications.

F. SHI December 14, 1999 01:39

Re: Tascflows for small hydraulic turbines
Hi, there

If you would like to do some calculations into small scale hydraulic turbines, I strongly encourage you to try the TASCflow. The development engineers behind this code are professionals in CFD turbomachinery.

good luck in your research.

Gavin Butcher December 15, 1999 17:40

Re: Tascflows for small hydraulic turbines
Come to a CFX-TASCflow seminar if you want to find out more about the software and how it is being used by industry.

There is a seminar in Amsterdam on 8th February and Stockholm on 2nd February 2000.

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