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Eve Chapper December 13, 1999 04:48

Internal Solids
To everyone else this may seem very simple however I'm having a few problems at the moment with defining an internal solid i.e. a region with no flow in it. I've even gone back to drawing a cube with a cube inside it (touching one of the larger cube walls) with an inlet and outlet. I've defined the patch as a 3d patch called solid1 however flow still travels through the internal cube. I have also in the command file tried creating the patch and block but when I do this the solver crashes. Can anyone please help me.

Thanks Eve

Michael R. Rasmussen December 13, 1999 08:06

Re: Internal Solids
Hello Eve

It could be simple as you suggest - but who knows. When you make the cube inside the larger cube - do you then use constrains ?. There is something in the manual about defining a child within a region (section 5.3.5 in the CFX 4.1 (CFX-MESHBUILD user manual)). I have not tried this myself so it is only a guess. But when you explain that the fluid moves through the solid region it sounds like that there is no connection between the two regions. You need to constrain one region with respect to the other.


Michael Rasmussen

Zoltan Turzo December 14, 1999 11:22

Re: Internal Solids
As i know, you can not have solid inside an other solid. If you need a region with no flow inside a solid you have to build it from smaller blocks, one of them should be the non-flowing region. After that, simply remove this non-flow solid from the model.

I hope it helps

Zoltan Turzo

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