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Sinjae Hyun January 7, 2000 13:20

File export from CFX 5.3

Is there any way to make a Plot3D file formatted file from CFX 5 result file ? I really enjoy to make colored animation files or postscript files using CFX 5 visualize but I am not happy with gray scale contour plots. I used to use Tecplot to make gray scale plots for journal papers. For CFX 4, there is an option to make Plot3D formatted files. Is there anything like that for CFX 5 ?

I extracted data from the sliced plane but it is a point format not volume format. I have no idea to make volume data file. I woulk like to know how to make a file for Tecplot volume data file from CFX 5 result files.


Stuart Orme July 12, 2000 09:20

Re: File export from CFX 5.3
You can export files from the CFX5solver window in a fieldview format. You can then manipulate this file to get it into a tecplot FE format, alowing you to then read the file in Tecplot.

We have not long had Tecplot, and have just written a file convertion program in Visual Basic to do the manipulation from Fieldview to Tecplot formats. This is necessay if the CFD model is of any size, as any conventional software such as excel, is unable to cope with the large quantities of data, let alone doing the tedious manipulations. This conversion software is at present being tested, once finished we could possibly send you a copy.

My experience of Tecplot is limited. Do you know if it is possible to create animations in Tecplot, as there is no simple facility in CFX4. We are conducting some free surface tests, and would like to generate some animations of the results.

I hope this has been of some help Stuart

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