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zhang January 11, 2000 05:41

Hi, Sirs, is it possible under CFX to simulate turnulence with LES or DNS? Thanks Zhang

John Law January 11, 2000 07:34

Re: LES/DNS under CFX
The best way to obtain the information or code capabilities is to ask code vendor directly (even a feature is not in the existing version, it may be in the next version) - alternatively each code's internet site also provides some information.

jens Chr. Bennetsen January 13, 2000 03:31

Re: LES/DNS under CFX

Yes it is possible to using LES and even DNS from CFX.

By using the user fortran interface it is possible to implement different subgrid scale models to perform LES.

Best Regards


Niels Deen January 18, 2000 09:42

Re: LES/DNS under CFX

Is there anybody who implemented LES in user Fortran? And if so are you willing to share that file with the CFD community? Kind regards,

Niels Deen Chemical Engineering Laboratory, Aalborg University Esbjerg Homepage:

Marco Derksen January 19, 2000 08:20

Re: LES/DNS under CFX
In response to your question:

C.B. Jacobsen, 1997, Ph.D. Thesis, Numerical Part, Aalborg University, Institute of Energy Technology.

He has done LES with CFX-4.2 on a combustion Chamber Flow. He used the Smagorinsky model and the mixed (Bardina) model. The (main) user Fortran routines are listed in the back of the Thesis.

Marco Derksen

Li Xinfeng March 22, 2000 02:57

Re: LES/DNS under CFX
But Where I can find his thesis? He publish it in internet? Best regards

Sincerely yours Li Xinfeng

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