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Fabi January 27, 2000 05:32

Viscious Heating
does the velocity vector in the enthalpy transport equation with viscious heating in CFX4.2 (12.1.6 of the Solver manual.1) in turbulent flow refer to the mean velocity or does it include the fluctuating components via turbulence modelling, thus including the (indirect) turbulent dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy? In case the term on the right hand side of 12.1.6 of the Solver manual.1 does not include the fluctuating velocity components, it is only the laminar dissipation function, thus only taking the direct dissipation of kinetic energy (of the mean velocities) into account. In this case, is it possible for me to program my own transport equation of the enthalpy, which includes the indirect (turbulent) dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy?

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