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Fabio Kasper February 8, 2000 08:59

Additional terms in Differential Stress Model
Hi everyone!

Is it really necessary to set any additional terms, like wall reflection terms in DSM to give me good results in a high swirling flow?

I hope someone can help me.


Fabio Kasper

University of Blumenau.

Erik Torbergsen February 9, 2000 03:39

Re: Additional terms in Differential Stress Model
Hi Fabio.

I did a very rough test once with a rotating step channel and studied the recirculation zone with rotation of the channel (rotation axis perendicular to the flow direction). This was compared with some published results with other models including the wall reflection term. These tests indicated that there could be a big difference in the recirculation zone without the wall reflection term (overprediction of the recirculation zone), but I didn't finish the work to fully conclude about it. I would very like to hear about it if you find some references discussing this.


Erik Torbergsen

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