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NN February 9, 2000 17:34

Hi everyone. I am using CFX 4.3 to model laminar flow in single phase. I was wondering how do we get the total torque for the stirred tank reactor geometry from Cfx 4.3 output file. Cuould someone help Thanks NN

James Date February 10, 2000 07:38

Re: Torque
Hi there,

Regarding the new torque output from CFX-4.3. If you specify WALL PRINTING for the data output, you will also be given torque. These are given below the patch force data under the X,Y & Z columns. These i have worked out to be the total torques in the X,Y & Z axis about the (0,0,0) point. If you sum the torques in each axis for all your wall patches you will have the total torques for the system. I'm not to sure about modelling tanks, as my field is hydrodynamics. I imagine if you place the axis of rotation on the X,Y or Z axises you will be able get calculate the total torque quite easily. The CFX-4.3 manual seems to have no information on the torque output, except to say it gives one!!! I hope my response is of some use to you.

Regards James

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