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Luis R. Rojas-Solorzano February 10, 2000 12:10

Using Tecplot to view CFX dumps
Has anybody used Tecplot to visualize CFX dump files? If so, are you willing to share the main hints?


Luis Rojas-Solorzano

Andreas Ruhrmann February 24, 2000 07:11

Re: Using Tecplot to view CFX dumps
You can view them indirectly. If you start up cfx view, but specify "set interface parameters" you will get to the menu where you can write data files. Write the files as plot3d (binary or character). You then need to rename the output files follows:

f.dat.* to name.f

q.dat.* to name.q

x.dat.* to name.g

where name is any valid filename and must be the same for all three files.

You can then use preplot to import the files. If you use binary format, you might need to use the fortran binary option in preplot.

The variable names won't be preserved, but if it isn't possible to tell from the data, the cfx manual states how CFX exports in plot3d format.

Good luck,


Christian COPIN February 25, 2000 09:35

Re: Using Tecplot to view CFX dumps
We use a program called FL3D2TEC which convert CFX dump file to Tecplot readable file This program has been developed by Peter Witt in australia I think you can join him at CSIRO Minerals email to know if you can use it

Kelly Paletta March 29, 2000 12:00

Tecplot now reads Plot3D files directly
FYI Tecplot version 7.5 and later releases include a Plot3D data loader. This data loader will allow you to load Plot3D grid, function and/or solution files directly into Tecplot without running the preplot utility. So you should be able to export your data from CFX in Plot3D format (binary, formated or unformatted) and then load these files directly into Tecplot via the Plot3D importer.

You can find the Plot3D loader in Tecplot 7.5 or Tecplot 8.0 under File/Import...


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