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Rooh-ul-Amin Khurram February 10, 2000 12:44

CFX validation
My company is thinking of purchasing CFX for performing Hydrodynamic analysis. I want expert opinion on the the performance of this code. Any validation work along with tet results is welcomed

Yu Zheng March 7, 2000 20:49

Re: CFX validation
We use it to simulate turbulent gas-solid flow in CFB reactor, and we find in this field the code is not capable, for the physical model it provided is poor.

So if your work focus on this field, you must be cautious.

Heiko Gerhauser March 22, 2000 16:04

Re: CFX validation
Dear Yu Zheng,

what kind of deficiencies have you found in the physical model for the simulation of turbulent gas-solid flow. I am using CFX for modelling fluidised beds.

Kind regards, Heiko

jamesdate April 25, 2000 06:04

Re:Validation-(rudders&hullform drag)
Hi there, I'm currently using CFX4.3 for modelling ship rudder flows and in calculation hull form drag. I've carried out some detailed studies into CFX4.3's performance compared with experimental data. If you're interested in my findings then let me know.

Regards James May 4, 2000 10:02

Re: CFX validation
I am also working on turbulent gas-solids flow in CFB. The phsical models provided by the code is not capable of modeling the flow, but you can add your own physical models to the code using user fortrans.

Liz Alderson May 16, 2000 08:24

Re: CFX validation
Are you using CFX4.2 or 4.3 May 17, 2000 04:55

Re: CFX validation
I am using CFX4.3.

peter bull June 13, 2000 14:59

Re:Validation-(rudders&hullform drag)
Hi James

I am interested in your validation results for CFX 4.3. We have been using CFX4 for several years for ship flow calcs and would like to see other results.

We are very interested in results for different models for turbulence as we are currently developing new models for CFX5

Thanks very much

Peter Bull

Dr. Tanmay Sarkar July 25, 2000 13:47

Re:Validation-(rudders&hullform drag)
Dear Peter & James, We started using CFX recently for simulation of the flow past ships. We will particularly interested if you have some results with free surface modelling incorporated. Regards, Tanmay

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