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James Date February 22, 2000 13:37

CFX4.3 Run as an Euler Code!!
Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to switch off the turbulence modelling in CFX4.3 and run it as an Euler Code. I know you can run it in Laminar mode, but is it possible to set the fluid viscosity to zero in the command file or through the user FORTRAN routines whereby the viscous terms are set to zero. Any answers much appreciated.



Andreas Abdon March 3, 2000 09:52

Re: CFX4.3 Run as an Euler Code!!
I would try redefining your differencing scheme (excluding the diffusion terms) in user routine USRFDS.



Jan Rusås March 6, 2000 06:08

Re: CFX4.3 Run as an Euler Code!!
Hi James,

If you still need help on this topic, then you could look in the manual CFX-4.2 page 87, 5.19.3 Inviscid Euler equations. Set the flow to laminar and the molecular viscosity to a very small number (I have tried with 1.e-20, works fine) The boundary layer is switched off by setting WALL TREATMENTS to SLIP

Regards Jan

James Date March 6, 2000 09:55

Re: CFX4.3 Run as an Euler Code!!
Many thanks Andreas & Jan for your help. I had a feeling that you needed to do something along the lines of what you have told me, but wasn't too sure.

Kind Regards

James Date

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