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Greg Perkins March 10, 2000 02:47

CFX and Reacting Porous Media

I haven't used CFX but I'd like to know whether you can model reacting porous media using CFX!?

If so, is it a standard model option, or would you have to implement it using user subroutines??

In this case I expect that you would have to solve for fluid flow, continuity and at least solid continuity (to determine porosity evolution) and either a composite fluid/solid energy equation or separate fluid & solid energy equations.



Yang Weihong June 19, 2000 10:33

Re: CFX and Reacting Porous Media
I have even used CFX4 to simulate the heat exchange tubes as porous. The results is agreement withe experiments. The porous is a standard model,but you must set the resistance and other parameters,you maybe implement it using user subroutines.

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