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Li Fahong April 10, 2000 10:20

unmatched boundary

I created a geometry with cfx-build in which a pair of unmatched boundaries was set. The problem was when I viewed the geometry with cfx-visualise, there were some lines displayed in the unmatched boundary. Because unmatched boundary is a kind of inter-block boundary, it should not displayed in cfx-visualise according to my understanding of cfx. My question is whether it's possible to eliminate the lines on the unmatched boundary?


Glenn Horrocks April 10, 2000 20:08

Re: unmatched boundary

Under "Edit Graphics" you can select "Geometry Outline". You can turn the lines off there. It will remove the lines from the entire geometry, not just the unmatched boundary though.


Hyun S. Lee April 10, 2000 20:22

Re: unmatched boundary

One suspicious thing to be noted here is, "unmatched patch has small gap between blocks!!!", but it should be minimal not to shown in postprocessor. I think Glenn Horrocks' answer help you but in my case I made mistakes with gap size.

criterion in VISUALISE < thickness < criterion in BUILD

Hyun S. Lee

Hyun S. Lee April 10, 2000 20:24

criterion in BUILD for same point < thickness < criterion in VISUALISE for same point

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