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Nish April 27, 2000 05:38

Cylindrical coordinates
Hi everyone

I am trying to run a CFX stirred tank sliding mesh simulation. My geometry is in x, y, z coordinates but when I run the file I use a fortran file USRGRD which converts the cartesian coordinates into the cylindrical files. This however gives me force on solids in only x-direction. Is it possible to get the forces in other directions, namely r and theta?

Could anyone help with this please.


Erik Torbergsen May 3, 2000 03:01

Re: Cylindrical coordinates
Hi Nish.

I think the resulting forces on a distinct patch are printed in the output file and if you use cylindrical coordinates, the resulting forces will be in the X, R and Theta directions. Converting the initial geometry should give the X, R and Theta directions as the reference system and therebye the right directions in the output.


Erik Torbergsen

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