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Chialin May 4, 2000 02:23

The impeller library
Dear CFX users,

I am trying to build a standard 6 blade Rushton impeller by using the Impeller Library in CFX 4.3. My problem is not symmetrical so the full 360o will be modelled. I have no problem generating the full 6 blades by copy with rotation of one blade created from the library. But when I came to use JOIN ALL option, an error message stating constraints have been applied in conflicting locations was shown, which restrained me from generating the grids. I am a new CFX user so I wonder if anyone here could offer some help. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, I've created a cylindrical tank using Cartesian coordinates then converted into cylindrical ones. Later I need to insert a dip-pipe, as a gas injection duct, into the computational domain that remains stationary in a sliding mesh method. I am reluctant to set patches of thin surface to define the duct as it would not be round pipe! Does anybody have a better idea to resolve this problem??

Many thanks in advance.


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