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phil gresho May 6, 2000 12:53

thermal convection benchmark
I seek a benchmark solution to the Boussinesq equations in 3D for thermally-driven flow.....

LI Xinfeng May 7, 2000 08:13

Re: thermal convection benchmark
What is benchmark,I can't find it in dictionary.

John C. Chien May 7, 2000 13:37

Re: thermal convection benchmark
(1). It's in my small dictionary. (2). Benchmark is a reference line or point. In this case, he is looking for a case which can be used as a reference, something which is carried out in a systematic way with all the necessary conditions included.

S. Becker, IKE, Stuttgart, Germany June 23, 2000 09:49

Re: thermal convection benchmark
A very well known benchmark problem is that of the differentially heated cavity as described and numerically simulated in the paper of G. DE VAHL DAVIS : Natural convection in a square cavity : A benchmark numerical solution INt. J. Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol. 3, pp.249-264, (1983)

I hope it helps it covers the laminar natural convection regime. If you need more contact me.

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