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Bart Prast July 11, 2000 02:24

CFX 5.4 cannot restart with 5.3 format
Hi you all,

I wonder if I'm the only one with this problem: We just received our copy of CFX 5.4. We ran allready lots of runs with version 5.3 and want to use the extended physical modelling of 5.4. BUT!!!: version 5.4 can't restart with files from 5.3. It is not upwards compatible!!! apparently the data structure from 5.4 is different from 5.3. Anybody with a conversion tool?

I think this is very bad for a profesional tool.


Bart Prast

joecfd July 12, 2000 00:13

Re: CFX 5.4 cannot restart with 5.3 format
Your statement is not entirely accurate.

In order to get to where you have gotten you must have read the 5.3 database into CFX-5.4 Build. This part of the process is fully compatable. From there you can create a new mesh with 5.4 build with full access to all 5.4 physics. So, your geometry and problem setup are not throw away and you can add new physics into the problem definition from there.

A more accurate statement is that you currently cannot use a 5.3 solution field, which you previously obtained, as input into the 5.4 solver when turning on new 5.4 physics. You can however, run the 5.3 results file through the 5.4 solver and it should work. This in itself entitles you to some benefits of the new 5.4 solver, such as it's increased performance for example.

I'd say let's wait and see if CFX provides a patch which remedies the real problem.

Stuart Orme July 12, 2000 08:18

Re: CFX 5.4 cannot restart with 5.3 format
I'm not that clued up on CFX54 yet, however I've been lead to believe that you can read the results from the 5.3 model and use them as a restart for the 5.4 runs even if the geometry has changed. This is a result of the interpolation techniques used in the adaptive griding now available within 5.4. As for the effects of additional physiscs I'm not sure.

Gavin Butcher July 17, 2000 07:47

Upgrade to CFX-5.4 training course
Talking of CFX-5.4, we are holding an "Upgrade to CFX-5.4" training course on 10th August here at Harwell (UK).

The course is intended for users of CFX-5.3 who wish to receive training on the new capabilities within CFX-5.4.

Please see

or contact me for further details.

Dan Williams August 23, 2000 10:32

Re: CFX 5.4 cannot restart with 5.3 format
Hi All,

Along with many other fixes, a patch for this is available. It can be downloaded from:

Just download the patch file for your system and install it. The path file readme describe all the various fixes and enhancements.


Bart Prast September 6, 2000 03:18

Re: CFX 5.4 cannot restart with 5.3 format
What do these fixes fix? There is no documentation anywhere.

Dan Williams September 14, 2000 15:05

Re: CFX 5.4 cannot restart with 5.3 format
Yes there is documentation. Install the patch and select Show->All in the Launcher. There is a section entitled known patches which has what you want.


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