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Niels Deen July 19, 2000 08:50

Use of 1 equation turbulence model in CFX 4.3

I would like to implement an one-equation eddy viscosity model in CFX 4.3. That is, I want to perform a large eddy simulation, in which the eddy viscosity is approximated with the use of a transport equation for k (turbulent kinetic energy). The eddy viscosity becomes:

mu<SUB>T</SUB> = rho C<SUB>s</SUB> k<SUP>0.5</SUP> delta

where C<SUB>s</SUB> is a model constant (=0.12) and delta is the filter size (i.e. representative size of the gridcell).

Unfortunately in CFX one can only pick a turbulence model with 2 equations or more (like k-epsilon, k-omega or RSM).

My experience with the use of User Fortran in differential equations is zero. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks alot! Kind regards,

Niels Deen

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