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Annie Lee August 28, 2000 18:56

Need Help
Hi,CFX Users,

I am working on the problem of two stream mixing in a chamber. One stream is CO2, while the other is air. I want to predict the mass fraction distributed in the mixing chamber. How to use the CFX to do it? I don't know how and where to define the stream properties, and how to visulize the result, please give me some advice.

Thanks in advance,


John C. Chien August 29, 2000 04:07

Re: Need Help
(1). I would try to find the user's guide, online-help, or tutorials and sample cases, from the vendor, the friends , help menu, etc... (2). Why not e-mail to the code vendor for the training material.

Glenn Horrocks August 29, 2000 18:54

Re: Need Help
Hi Annie,

Have a look at reference example 10 (for CFX 4.3). It is a transient model of CO2 and air in a box and models the slumping of the CO2 to the bottom of the box. It should be a useful starting point for your work.

Regards, Glenn

Annie September 1, 2000 14:22

Re: Need Help
Thanks, Glenn, it is very helpful


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