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Annie September 12, 2000 17:44

Tecplot view

I met problems when I were using the Tecplot to view the CFX dump. I exported the data from CFX to plot3d binary, and use plot3d loader to load the data into Tecplot. However, I got very strange pictures. I don't know what happened.

Is there any good ways to view the CFX dump, instead of using VIEW, for I don't like the color that is used to represent low or high velocity, temperture, etc. and it is also difficult to modify the screen dump picture to fit into other text files.

Could you please give your advice?

Thanks in advance,



Jan Rusås September 13, 2000 02:57

Re: Tecplot view
Hi Annie,

I am using CFX-Analyse also from AEA, which I am pretty satisfied with. I believe CFX-analyse basically is the same as Tasc-Tool if you are familiar with that program. In Analyse it is possible to print in different fileformats and sizes so it should at least meet your requirements.

Regards Jan

Chris Steineman September 18, 2000 15:41

Re: Tecplot view
Hi Annie!

When using the runvpp to convert a CFX dump file into plot3d, you should use 'character' format instead of 'binary' (I have made the same mistake previously.) The 'preplot' command for Tecplot can then be used to convert the file into binary.

If you still do not get good results, let me know and I can send you more info.

Best Regards, Chris

Li Xinfeng September 24, 2000 02:47

Re: Tecplot view
In fact, a translate of dmp to tecplot file have been develop by peter.witt. He is a kind person and you can ask him for this program.I have to source code gotten from peter.

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