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Brett Towler September 19, 2000 16:18

Coupling CFX4 with a solids code
I'm interested in talking to anyone who has had experience with linking CFX4 to a solids code (i.e. ABACUS, ANSYS, DYNA, etc.). I'd like to run these codes in an intereative process to simulate a body than deforms under the pressure and shear fields. So, over small time steps, CFX solves for the flow field, these 'loads' are imported into a solids code, the solids code solves the deformation problem, then the new deformed grid is brought back into CFX (using USRGRD?), and the cycles begins again...

Any thoughts, leads, suggestions on whether or not this has been done before?


Eugenio Mayol September 20, 2000 20:09

Re: Coupling CFX4 with a solids code
Hi Brett

I am looking at a similar problem coupling cfx with ansys. I have achieved this by using the USRGRD and interogating a file which ansys writes its results to on every iteration. I have got this to work, however I am having convergence problems. I would be very interested to know how it progresses


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