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Drona September 25, 2000 05:52

Small water turbine with TASCflow
Dear All,

I am trying to analyse performance of a small hydraulic reaction turbine(propeller) using CFX-TASCflow. I would like to compare its performance(efficiency) at different operating conditions. What is the simplest parameter that can be used? I tried to calculate efficiency using the Macro Turbo_Perform but I am not getting consistent results. Sometimes I get zero torque etc. However, the solution looks fine. For example, there is a pressure difference between inlet and outlet(positive at inlet and negative at outlet), that should give some torque. Any clues will be appreciated.



John C. Chien September 25, 2000 09:59

Re: Small water turbine with TASCflow
(1). Have you tried to contact the support engineers of Tascflow? (2). If you compute the inlet and the exit flow tangential momentum change in stationary reference frame, it should be able to give you information about the torque. (look up the formula in the turbomachinery chapter,or books first)

sarvankumar November 29, 2000 14:53

Re: Small water turbine with TASCflow
we have donean analysis in water pump which is similar to a turbine, if you are interested i can suggest you the method which i followed thanks with regards p.t.saravanakumar

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