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Narayanan November 21, 2000 11:54

Treatment of solids in multiphase flow
I am working with older version of CFX. I am using eularian eularian approach to solve flow pattern of solid and fluid. I have already solved flow field for fluid. can i give this solution as initial guess for eularian eularian way. is it necessary to define solid properties as fluid properties are done because viscosity of solids cant be defined. i would be thankful for early reply.

Frank November 23, 2000 03:07

Re: Treatment of solids in multiphase flow
You can use the 'single phase' solution as an initial guess for your 'two phase' simulation. The solids should be defined as discrete and given a sensible density and a very small viscosity (i.e. 1.0E-10). The small viscosity means that the solid phase does not undergo any viscous diffusion.

Good luck,


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